[fade]The most overlooked room in the home during a renovation is the closet, so at Lonetree, we aim to change that. Our award winning designers and master craftsmen combine to bring you a luxury experience you can enjoy for years to come. From a small reach-in closet in a hallway to a kitchen pantry to a full master walk-in closet with a dressing table and multimedia - have confidence you made the right choice for your closet renovation.[/fade]

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[slide-right]Real materials

At Lonetree, we only use the highest quality, real wood materials for the cabinets in your new closet. Materials like particle board and press board fade, crack and are unable to stand the test of time through years of use so you won't find those in a Lonetree Luxury Closet. 

Real wood, glass and metal are every surface you touch, see and interact with. Even the ones you don't see are made of the highest quality and locally sourced materials possible.[/slide-right]


Just like our commitment to utilizing high quality materials and real wood throughout your new closet, comes our guarantee to the finest craftsman building it. From the moment we begin constructing your dream closet, our master craftsmen are selecting the best wood, planing and sanding, joining and staining the pieces so they match the designers drawings and your vision. You'll notice details in your closet akin to the detailing in ultra high end boutiques around the world. With a space for everything, you will never have to go hunting for that little black dress or that perfect pair of shoes again.[/slide-left]

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End the search for that ring, those cuff links or that perfect accessory for your outfit with custom designed drawer inserts and other closet accessories. With our custom inserts that fit everything you own in their own padded space to keep them safe, secure and within arms reach, you'll always know exactly where that accessory is without digging through clutter ever again.[/slide-right]

[slide-left]not just for closets

Bring ultimate storage and organization to the other rooms in your home, too. From laundry rooms and muck rooms with a place for everything, to pantries filled with shelving and spaces for every item you use and store for your kitchen, you can spend less time searching for the homemade tomato sauce or cleaning up after the kids and more time enjoying your home and those in it.[/slide-left]


Your dream closet starts with a design consultation